Cost of Plastic Surgery

  • $2895 - $3050 Eyelid Lift - Upper or Lower
  • $4595 - $4840 Eyelid Lift - Upper and Lower
  • $7500 - $9195 Facelift
  • $4265 - $4490 Brow Lift Endoscopic
  • $4795 - $5050 Brow Lift Open
  • $4800 - $5700 Rhinoplasty
  • $5990 - $6780 Brachioplasty
  • $4750 - $5650 Breast Augmentation
  • $4930 - $5520 Breast Lift
  • $5750 - $6250 Non-Insurable Breast Reduction

The Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Carolina

Our prospective plastic surgery patients often want to know the cost of plastic surgery procedures at The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery. It is important to understand what charges are included so that you can compare prices carefully. Our fees include the surgeon's fees, the operating room facility charges, the anesthesia charges, the cost of implants and immediate postoperative dressings, as well as the patient's routine postoperative care.

Through, we invite you to learn more about plastic surgery and the services offered by our practice. was designed to help you better understand the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available to enhance your image. You can view before and after photos to see results from many plastic surgery patients, as well as those from across Georgia (GA) and South Carolina (SC). You can also learn about the plastic surgery procedures, read up-to-date information, and identify expectations for the outcome of your procedure, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and many others.

Dr. Greco wishes to be your first choice as a resource for news and information. We invite you to explore our website and visit one of our plastic surgery offices to discuss your cosmetic surgery options. We are committed to providing the highest quality care at the most reasonable cost, with service exceeding expectations. When you think of plastic surgery in South Carolina, think of The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery.

Fees Associated with Plastic Surgery Procedures

The total cost of plastic surgery at The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery includes all preoperative evaluations, the anesthesia fee, the operating room fee, the surgeon's fee and postoperative care. Our accredited, onsite surgery center is a leading-edge facility that allows us to provide our patients with a convenient and comfortable outpatient surgery experience, thereby greatly reducing additional costs associated with hospitals while providing the same high standard of surgical and medical care.

Some patients hesitate to undergo cosmetic surgery due to the cost. However, our patients consistently report that the compassionate treatment and quality aesthetic results they receive at The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery are well worth the cost. With our years of experience and training, our accredited, state-of-the-art surgical facility and our utmost regard for patient privacy and safety, we consistently provide stunning results that leave patients wondering why they didn't undergo surgery sooner. While some aesthetic surgeons and markets may be cheaper, when it comes to plastic surgery, quality service and striking results are worth the expense.

Please contact us today to learn more about our surgery center, plastic surgery costs or to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our surgeons.

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