Patient Testimonials

Our Approach to Aging Gracefully

Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon on "How to Age Gracefully." What small non operative techniques can help you look younger, and when to consider surgery to improve your look. Let's Age naturally and Gracefully.


How Susan Chose Greco

Susan is a patient from Colorado who dreamt about facial rejuvenation for years. She recounts how she choose Richard Greco, MD to be her surgeon. Beverly Evans explains the advantages of being operated on at the Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery.

Judtih's Complete Facial Rejuvenation

Judith is interested in looking as young as she feels. She has decided to have a "Complete Facial Rejuvenation - including a browlift, eyelid surgery, and a facelift.

Larry's Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Larry wanted to look as young as he feels. He describes how he choose to proceed forward. He describes how he choose Dr. Greco to be his surgeon.

Cathy's Patient Experience

Cathy describes how she learned about her Plastic Surgeon - Dr Richard Greco and how they decided on what she needed to look younger.

Peggy's Natural Facelift

Peggy never thought she would want plastic surgery. Many of her friends had the "wind tunnel look". She found Dr. Greco who believes in a very "Natural Facelift". She is extremely pleased and nobody knows.

Vickie's Facelift After Weight Loss

Vickie describes how she choose Dr. Greco to help make her look as young as she feels, with a very Natural Look.

Eye Lid Tuck

Kevin's Brow Lift

Dr. Kevin describes how he decided to have cosmetic surgery on his eyes, how he chose his plastic surgeon, and what the procedure was like.

Betty's Eyelid Tuck

Betty had suffered a tragedy and looked tired and older than she was. She choose to have some body contouring and a refreshing to her eyelids.

Breast Surgery

Barbara Recounts Breast Reconstruction

Breast Cancer is a traumatic diagnosis, and loosing one's breast is even a bigger dilemma. Barbara describes her thought process through the entire care and how she choose her surgical procedure and her surgeons. She made the right decisions for her.

Karis Breast Augmentation

Karis is a beautiful Hispanic female who wanted to have a breast augmentation. She describes her experience with Richard Greco MD and the Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery.

Various Procedures

Gail Describes Her Experience

Gail had been through a Divorce, was aging, and had did not look as young as she felt. She talks about how she choose Dr. Greco and why she is so happy about her improvements.

Constance & Her Tummy Tuck

Constance discusses her decision about having a Tummy Tuck. How she choose Richard J Greco to have surgery and what type of impact it has had on her life.

Hear from Shellie

Shellie talks about her accident and how Richard J Greco, a Plastic Surgeon, helped her regain her appearance and confidence. Year later he helped her regain her confidence with a Mommy Makeover after two children.

Judy's Experience

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Male Cosmetic Surgery

Why Bill Chose a Facelift

Bill continues to work and has a beautiful and younger wife. He feels young and vibrant, but wants to look as young as he lives and feels.



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